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New Adventure Maze.

Be one of the first to try our new Adventure Maze which is being created this year (or still in the growing process), introductory low price this summer only.

Elton Farm
Littledean Road
GL14 1JU

Our Phone numbers
Brian 01594 827 007
Peter 01452 760 795
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Elton Adventure Maze

The Adventure Maze

The Adventure Maze - The Tunnel.Left: Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies emerging from The Tunnel.
Right: Rafeal and and Sofia Baker in the tunnel.

The Adventure Maze, The Balance Beams and the Traversing WallLeft: Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies on the Balance Beams.
Right: Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies on the Traversing Wall.

The Adventure Maze, the Spider's Web.Clare Moscrop and Rebecca King-Davies in the Spider's Web.

Preparation of the Adventure Maze

Driving in the wooden posts The ground has been levelled and prepared. The left hand photo shows the posts being driven in using our John Deere tractor.
Due to the dry weather this winter the ground was very hard - hence the use of the drill to make the holes for the plants.

Planting the adventure mazePlanting the maze and watering in the plants that will grow into the Elton Adventure Maze.